Our innovative membership medical practice is located in Gilbert, Arizona. We have earned a top reputation in our community for clinical excellence and for our unique focus on proactive, individualized care.

Prevention & Wellness Focus

Unlike ordinary primary care practices that only treat you when you get sick, we believe it’s also our responsibility to help you stay healthy in the first place - to prevent disease before it happens, to help you better manage chronic conditions, and to give you the tools and support that you need to achieve your health and wellness goals.

We want you to live a happy and healthy life – that means not only focusing on your medical needs, but also on good nutrition, fitness, motivational support, patient education, and wellness coaching. We know it takes all of these components, working together, to achieve and maintain good health.

More Convenient, Personal Care

We think you should expect more from a top medical practice. That means having convenient access to your doctor – from same-day/next-day appointments, to unhurried visits that start on time, to email access to your physician so you can save the time and expense of an office visit for routine issues.

It means utilizing the latest technology tools so that your care is more efficient – from online personal health records, to helping you track and monitor key health indicators, to the ability to submit appointment and prescription refill requests online.

And it means having the focused, personal attention of a top physician and clinical team - from customized annual Wellness Plans, to proactive consultations with top nutritionists and fitness advisors, to personal nurse care managers who will improve your healthcare experience by better coordinating your care.

Innovative Membership Practice

We offer a membership practice that provides a more personal and convenient healthcare experience for our members.  We ask all patients who wish to participate in our membership practice to join as Privia Members for an affordable membership fee starting at just $15 per month.

Our patients recognize that not all physician practices are created equal, and feel our membership fee is an excellent value for the personalized, priority care, and wellness benefits they receive as member of this practice.

We invite you to learn more about How We're Different and to Join Now.